Mechanical Trading System August Performance | Trading for living…

In this video I will show you the august month performance of our mechanical trading system and also I will reveal my story of why …

34 thoughts on “Mechanical Trading System August Performance | Trading for living…”

  1. That is good. Please share what strategies you are applying to get this. So we can practice as well or watch. Like you did in ur previous video tell us about the trade.

  2. The days when there is huge movement one side he made good returns and last comment missed 15% on 31st means surely, it is just long Straddle or strangle

  3. Month on month showing us that trading is not difficult as it seems to be with discipline and consistency. thanks prince❀️

  4. The problem with these systems is that you need to be disciplined like your life depends on it and need to follow the strategy for at least 1 year. Some people who follow this strategy may find that next 2 months they may be in negative but you need to be consistent and persistent. This is the secret of trading.

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