Monthly Income Option Strategy |Jeep Strategy.|#optionselling #op…

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8 thoughts on “Monthly Income Option Strategy |Jeep Strategy.|#optionselling #op…”

  1. Commendable presentation.

    It is somewhat outdated in the sense that margin rules are not accounted for.

  2. This is Jeep Wierdor's strategy and not many people use this and Mr. Pran Kataria used to trade this a lot in 2017-2018. Even I used to trade this strategy those days.
    This is used only during bullish markets and retailers should stay away from these kinds of strategies as they will not know how to adjust nor will have enough capital to do the adjustments. Although this is a safe strategy most of the time, a black swan kind of event will wipe out the capital substantially, and hence better to stay away for retailers unless they are full-time traders. IMHO, this strategy should be deployed only if you have a capital of 1 minimum crore for 1 set. What I meant is one should not use more than 10% of their capital on this stratgey.

  3. This is what i was looking for from a long time… grt video… request you to make a full video on adjustment of wiedor jeep strategy. Thanks a lot

  4. I have subscribed from Tamilnadu and I expect more videos likes this please teach us adjustments in all strategies Thank you.

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