Monthly Straddle Options Strategy with Adjustment

straddle #OptionsStrategy Straddle Monthly Strategy with adjustment. Backtest Straddle monthly options strategy 2 month with …

9 thoughts on “Monthly Straddle Options Strategy with Adjustment”

  1. 6:42– When you follow a method that you will do adjustment @40 delta then why manipulation?? because you know whats going to happen as you have already tested before upload. This shouldn't be the right approach. You should not be biased when you are following a strategy irrespective of profit and loss you should make adjustments @ 40 delta

  2. Hello bhai, Kem chho? Bav saras video chhe. how are you doing? Would love to discuss more about this. Is there a number or email I can reach you at?

  3. Nice Video.Bro Please also check for atleast 6 months or March 2020 crash month.Also pls create high probability monthly strangle with adjustments as well.Thanks?

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