Mouse Ears Iron Condor Options Strategy | Live Example On Nifty

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46 thoughts on “Mouse Ears Iron Condor Options Strategy | Live Example On Nifty”

  1. Excellently explained… Can you please comment how did you choose the strike prices of PE 8600 and CE 9400

  2. Ravi bhai..inorder to have a chance to achieve max profit of mouse one has to hold till expiry or can square off early as well..coz net credit is only aroumd 1.5%..will we achieve profit of mouse strikes before expiry or only at expiry?..because last week is very volatile

  3. Thanks Ravi Bro… your content is very simple.. but its very informative… Great service to the retail trader community.

  4. Thank you for a simplified explanation. Can you pls make a video on income tax attracted by derivatives trading?

  5. Sir ye strtegy me one inner side buy and other outer side buy karke bich me 2 sell it ohk..??

  6. Ravi ji,
    Though, in the beginning this MEIC strategy looks a little complex, you have presented it so nicely. well done, TQ.

  7. Thanks for your detailed explanation about the strategy. Please continue to share your knowledge. God bless you.?

  8. Definitely new learning…
    Actually I request u to add one more pt in yr video… An adjustment while a black cloud day.. thanks

  9. Dear sir thank you very much for the information ?

    Can you please make a video on a Assymmetrical iron Condor OR Jeep strategy??

  10. Guruji please tell me the threatened side in this example. When I have to do some adjustments in Iron condor as wel as mouse ear iron condor.
    Please clarify

  11. Consideration-The short strikes of 4vertical spreads that constitute bthe mouse ears condor should match.I am not getting this point.Could you explain briefly.

  12. Your strategy is new for me to learning. Well explained.
    Could you make some strategies on USDINR as well, if possible.

  13. Thanks Ravi, I think videos of this length is good as it explains the strategy very well and without much hurry. You are doing a great service through your channel. Goodluck

  14. I liked your video and so Liked it and subscribed it.Thanks.Since there are too many legs are involved it gets a bit confusing. Can you make a video how to handle /adjust the loosing side of an Iron condor only

  15. I think best option is pure Iron Conodore
    One question is it best neutral stretgy? Bcause in every stretgy there are more chances of loss
    also please give more information about pure iron condor Adjust ments when we are in loss

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