Moving Average Crossover Trading Strategy -2 | Backtest Results

EMA #Amibroker #Golden The Golden cross and the death cross strategy backtesting video with uptrend and downtrend rules.

21 thoughts on “Moving Average Crossover Trading Strategy -2 | Backtest Results”

  1. I want to trade with my own algorithm .. please make a video on algo and bot trading and a video on software also

  2. i think in weekly rsi should be above 60 for buying and daily rsi should be below 40 . and drow down will be very less.. try to add this in algo try again..

  3. Moving Average Crossover not effective in sideways market.
    So u should include in trending conditions by using ADX ABOVE 20.

  4. Hello sir, thank you for taking these efforts for us, could you please help me know how can i learn to code on my own?

  5. 13/50 crossover with 200 moving average works in 15 min timeframe. U should backtest this data. I am confident ull get better results than this.

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