Multiply your Returns with Options Trading – How to start Trading…

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21 thoughts on “Multiply your Returns with Options Trading – How to start Trading…”

  1. Well it’s hasn’t reached $150 but you’ve definitely made some money. Did you sell the contract?

  2. Awesome video! I’m still sorta clueless but I’m sure if I stick around I’ll learn something

  3. If I have a call option for a strike price of $25 and I let it expire itm, what happens to that profit? I want the shares so can I use the profit towards buying those shares?

  4. Say stock x is at $3 rn and you buy call option until next month for $5. Do you only make profits if x hits $5 or can you still sell at $4 and make profit?

  5. Ok can someone explain this to me. Say i have bought a call option for 6 months out to buy abc at strike price of 50$. If the stock jumps in one day to 75$ per share can i exercise my call option to buy the shares at 50$ and then immediately sell those 100 shares for 75$ a piece?

  6. Dude, nice video but I’m still confused on something. When you say make a profit, you mean like you win additional shares in a stock or do you mean a profit in the form of cash returns?

  7. Greg I bought AAPL Call Leaps expiring on sept 17, 2021 122.5 strike price… im down 30% right now. i know its still a long way to expiration and it might bounce back… can you give me tips on at least minimize my losses (if it didnt bounce back) or any strategy going forward? this is my first leaps option and i did the 6 months ITM. I'm super risky, love risks. not so worried about the amount i will lose ($500 right now, $1500 total) worst. I am more excited with the learning on this one. any opinion is welcome. just wanna learn more. thanks!

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