My BEST Option Trading Strategy Revealed!

In this video Matt talks about how options can be very confusing for traders to understand and in turn can lead traders to lose lots of money. It doesn’t have to be …

36 thoughts on “My BEST Option Trading Strategy Revealed!”

  1. Anyone this was made a year ago or Oct 2 2020 the expiration on options I see are 3/1? So months out ?

  2. Thank you so much Matt, I can already see my family's and my future beginning to transform, thanks to your valuable content, thank you Brother.

  3. Looks like this video has been around awhile but I am new to option trading and this explains a lot. I have started a small account on RH and at one time it made it to $800 but it has dropped to $369 over the last three weeks. I see now why because I was trying to go bigger and lost more money. I am going to go watch all of your videos and see if I can turn my account around.

  4. Crap, how can priced in move of next months expiry help to take position. Doesn't make sense at all. Until you are right with your view on stock (which you did using graph) everything else is just meaningless

  5. This some freaky stuff….I think I need sleep but your Robinhood states TSLA was over $750 in Feb 2020 before lockdown looks like? Is that correct? Just curious….thx

  6. Bro, you've taught me so many things that I never would've even thought about! Truly a legend and thank you for sharing your knowledge with your YT community Matt! Can't wait to encompass this knowledge into my strategies! All the best to you!

  7. Sounds like a good rule-of-thumb is to sell options when Theta is high, and buy options when Theta is low.

  8. So your buying straddles. Or only calls or puts whatever. Id feel better doing straddle myself. Or bwb i love those. Especially rn in intc! Killin that. it needs to stay around 50 Got em on that low friday a few weeks back. Im almost to max gain rn actually. liquidated half my position friday. They will expire this next week. Perfect setup.

  9. I was going to share my opinion on buying stranges. However, then i realized how much premium i'm about to soak up. Thanks Robinhood traders.

  10. When you calculate the priced in move what expiration are you using? Also I’ve never seen it calculated by just adding the ATM puts and calls. Is it better to add only the intrinsic value of the ATM puts and calls?

  11. This is one way to trade options, this way that he’s explaining is called swing trading. You can also day trade which isn’t as profitable as swing trading but you can still make profit. Day trading is better imo

  12. Very interesting, I’m a new trader and moved to options and still losing. How can I become your student. Hope you don’t charge too much lol

  13. Dope vid bro! Love the in depth nature of your content. Also would love to get one of those shirts you're wearing!

  14. hi matt great video, but the thing is what about volume and open interests of those small priced in stocks, would that have any affect the liquidity if I want to close my option before the expiration? [ I usually close an option when profit hits around 50% though lol]

  15. I don’t understand. Is the point of this video that you can determine the expected move of some underlying? And if this is what you’re teaching here, do the calls and puts have to be ATM or does that matter? Thx

  16. Hey mike, so I’m new to the market. Does your membership provide which stock option you get daily? Also I only have about $500 to start out and was wondering if that’s enough

  17. I gotta say, I didn’t actually know this…makes 100% sense though. Thanks for being a great teacher, Matt!

  18. i’m a little bit confused.. so on picking the strike price, does it matter as long as you pick the same strike price. on the put and call? then the difference is the amount the you need the stock to move to be profitable? or it’s the amount the stock is gonna move..if it’s the amount that it needs to move, how would you find out how much the stocks moves?english is my second language so i’m trying to understand the best i can

  19. Sell sell sell 2.50 strike put spreads on the down days upon support. You will make more tHan trying to beat $70 priced in or staying on the sideline because it’s to expensive! Think sell instead of thinking it’s not an opportunity. You know the odds are far superior selling

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