My Experience Trading Naked Options | Day Trading Naked Options F…

In today’s video, I talk about my experience trading naked options and how it has been going for the past 4 months. Day trading naked options has been one of …

4 thoughts on “My Experience Trading Naked Options | Day Trading Naked Options F…”

  1. also… how about actually making a video that gives the details of your strategy… thanks again!!

  2. Thanks for this vid bro!… I literally just told myself this morning that I need to come up with a strategy that caters to my love for day trading… options… and a high winning percentage. "What about daytrading naked options?" i asked myself!!! and low and behold… a youtube search for that brings up your vid!! Just curious… would you be interested in mentoring a struggling day trader in your option strategy??.. thank you again !!!

  3. great vid! Don't need to see your trades as much as your trade plan such as I sell the call/put when XYZ stock has made an X% move from it's mean, time frame used, etc. Kudos on building a portfolio that large. Can't wait till I have PM one day.

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