My Secret 1000% Option Trading Strategy! | MIND BLOWING

In this video Matt talks about how you can make 1000% profit trading options. Every trader wants to know how to find the BIG winners, the huge paychecks.

48 thoughts on “My Secret 1000% Option Trading Strategy! | MIND BLOWING”

  1. what would have been the potential max loss with a trade like this? was it just the money invested or could it have been more than that?

  2. I figured the best way to daytrade options and tried to google to see if any other strategies were similar. Your video comes the closest to what I've in mind. Only major difference most of entries or on the open instead of close. I don't like holding options overnight since it's too much of a hit or miss to me.

  3. when it comes to trading, you should go for the best. ill rather relay in the services of.fered by recommended experrt than trading ang losing with video logic, i invest and earn with a financial advisor to achieve the best.

  4. Recommending weekly's…nice…At least when they do this on wsb they are self proclaimed autist and retards who understand they are gambling. This is just horrible advise and you should be ashamed

  5. Ok I learned something from experience, the wrong option pick is designed to expire worthless on the expiration date. This shows the stock market is total manipulation by the wealthy and institutions. 2 advise on options, sell the news and go against the obvious. If you do this you will make money guaranteed.

  6. Learning how to trade from Lewis Aron Coach trading strategies will earn you consistent profits and withdrawal from the stock markets. All thanks to Gods I can now withdraw my profits consistently from my stock trading account using Lewis Aron trading signals and strategy.

  7. If feel like your comment on square needing to reach that price to break even isn’t quite correct. Thats more if you wanted to exercise the option right? You buy a call, price goes up, you make money. If you bought that far otm call, and square went up, you’d be profitable right away on that option. You dont need for it to reach that break even price to make money on the trade.

  8. Missed out on crm yesterday..was gonna use just 100 with this strategy.. would have been at 2.7k today lol

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  10. I dont understand your example. If I buy a call option at strike price of $311 And it goes down $5 to $306 how can i make $584??? I thought if i buy a call option at $311 I would want to sell it when it goes up to $316 not down.

  11. Wouldnt it be better to buy it first thing in the morning rather than last minute the day before? Cuz what if it dips? Or is that part of the risk we taking? Great video! Subbed! ?

  12. 6Hi I really can learn from you having had hard time with attention all my life can you tell me where to start learn option trades ? thanks !

  13. Presenting a very long shot trade as a success without revealing how many dozens of trades failed before finding that one big winner isn't credible. It might get you clicks, but it doesn't help other traders because it doesn't give the full picture. Fail.

  14. Says look at indexes, lists three ETFs. Though SPY tracks SPX it's not the exact same thing. Look at the actual indexes. In fact you'd be wise looking at /es /NQ as well. A quick peak at vvx, vix and /VX. A look at /ZB…

  15. Ahh the infamous 1000% clickbait. Sure less than 1% will get it but ill trade spreads 10x and get the same amount in less time than it will take to catch one of these.

  16. Listen… Lotto's can get big rewards, but with big rewards comes BIG risk.. Settle for an option a little further out to give a trend time to correct itself in case it goes against you.

  17. thanks for the videos matt you're the only pro options trader on youtube I came across and really appreciate your techniques ! I am wondering what did you do and how did you know what to do during hard crashes like 2020 feb-march corona or how would you be able to detect coming up bear trends ? how would you go about cutting losses ? What do you think about leaps ? I bought a leap during the 2019 march dip and cashed out recently 2020 on nvda it was the best long term play I had about 5x return . I'd love to be able to consistently at least 2x yearly ( or repeat that 5x if i could ) . any consistent safer option strategies you like or do you only stick to short term /day option trades?

  18. So I tried this out with CCL. It looked like it met the criteria, so I got some about 5 otm so I could scale out like ya said, and saw spy was trending up, and up 100% so far. No daytrades so I'm hoping it keeps climbing tomorrow. Thanks, dude

  19. Anybody know how to get approved for Robinhood spreads? I've been doing options for a little bit but still can't get approved. How many options do I have to trade to get approved? (Also, dropping fire content as always ? keep it up)

  20. Made over a grand past 3 days playing support and resistance with the spy weeklies ! Should say I started the week out with 194 in my account after a rough month xD

  21. can you please explain where the 106.55 line comes from that forms the flag pattern (9:45)? i've looked everywhere and i have no idea where that line came from.

  22. I started trading stocks in April and my dumb ass was buying stocks about to go bankrupt, needless to say I was down 4k. Thanks to watching your videos Im currently up 27k. Thank you fine sir ??

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