My Simple $5,000 / Day Stock Trading Strategy

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47 thoughts on “My Simple $5,000 / Day Stock Trading Strategy”

  1. I beat the wall street guys all day 😊

    I make 3-4% per stock and around 6-9% per week.

    * and i find around (3) of these trades per week*

  2. If your making all this money you wouldn't need to make videos that paid you. Guys dont listen to these fake gurus theyre all paid to misguid people. Day trading is very risk and you make more money buy just leaving your money in the stocks or even better start your own business instead.

  3. Didn’t really think this was a strategy its literally just like common sense and how to trade and yeah it works been doing it for years, might not work forever tho individual investors trading will continue to rise and more will do this and eventually wall street.

  4. I've been trading quite some time and do well. But, you said you lost $100's of thousands. I don't believe you. You would have to show me paper from the brokerage. Your too young and no way someone is feeding you that kind of money. Exception: I would believe you if someone is feeding you the cash and would have to say they are 100% fools, esp., the epiphany you claim to have in stock picking. You method of stock picking is nothing new. Every trader that has traded for some time has done this method.

  5. i wanna be successful so bad, no matter what business , side hustle or income i have, i pray to God i’ll be successful and make it one day, 6 figures atleast to my name , minimum! God bless my upbringing , i will make it SOON! 2024 God bless our year of success ! 💯🙏

  6. Great way to cause a bunch of people to get burned jumping into the stock market for the first time. Remember for someone to make money someone else has to lose it.

  7. pretty sure AI should be able to detect any public sentiments, if not today, then pretty damn soon

  8. Man… you have a gift bro. My brain doesn’t work like this at all. Feel like you’re just constantly analyzing the world and seeing these trends. Crazy to me.

  9. TICKER- KTRA – y'all come support this cancer research company. Bring the volume . Get the word out. Come buy

  10. Im an econ major who has interned at some of the largest hedge fund companies in the world, let me just give my 2 cents. This IS a viable strat for trading, he is correct in saying that this can give you an edge. However, saying that wallstreet is "unaware" or "out of the loop" is just plain wrong. These clowns have entire departments dedicated to exactly what you're talking about. They normally call it a "marketing analysis team" or a "trend analysis group." This is why stocks move so quickly after controversy. Do you really think that the average person has that much control over the market, to make something move double digit percentages? No, wallstreet learns very very quickly, and they trade accordingly. However, you can still make money on these trends because people are "buying the dip" to cover losses, if they had a call option for that trade, this is why the stock falls slower than you'd imagine after a big controversy. If the controversy, or trend, is powerful enough, eventually the stock will move in the intended direction, and overpower the "dip buyers." This is where you make your money.

  11. For the love of god, if you don't have disposable income, DO NOT DO THIS…

    $ANF has been accumulated heavily by institutions, they knew about the turnaround WELL before the public did. This isn't some new idea, they've been crushing earnings for multiple quarters consistently, and their stock was up nearly 300% in 2023 alone. To make this worse, you got lucky on a literal gamble, their earnings would drive the stock one way or the other, and not always in the direction of the result. Many MANY times companies post good earnings and their stock goes down because it was already priced in, or assumed.

    But it's your money, not mine!

  12. One correction I want to make to Biaheza commentary. Majority of hedge funds actually lose money. They hire book smart economcis majors that really dont know jack squat about trading. Many last less than three years. Are there exceptions sure but very few algos are profitable for long peruods of time. So you can beat the pros with dedication and rules

  13. I just sold a property in Portland and I'm thinking of putting the cash in stocks, I know everyone is saying it's ripe enough, but Is this a good time to buy stocks? How long until a full recovery? How are other people in the same market raking in over $200k gains with months, I'm really just confused at this point.

  14. Ngl, I came into this video thinking this would some stupid guru strategy, but that first trade was actually well researched. It goes against most of the principles of long term investing and is definitely too risky long term, but good trade dude. ANF has had a huge rise this year.

  15. News Flash: Many astute traders have always looked for trends in this way for decades. You just happened to have discovered it.

  16. this idea is good in theory but in reality is rather difficult because of the tight window of opportunity you have with finding a new trend, research and then execution. I had this same idea with zoom a while ago, took me two days to do research, then boom stock blew up and it was too late.

  17. I did this with Rivean. When they IPO'd it shot up from 70 to 170, and them not having cars on the road or anything coming out soon made me short the stock. Rode it down from 160 to below 50 😂. Made so much money

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