My Simple Forex Strategy – BACKTESTED.

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46 thoughts on “My Simple Forex Strategy – BACKTESTED.”

  1. I've learned a lot from your free videos and really impressed by it's simplicity. I just wish I've seen it earlier.

  2. Hey Nick, nice system you got up here, appreciate the videos. However, I wonder how you manage this martingale approach when the market keeps moving against you. How do you guard blowing your account?

  3. the only thing about this video was that you did not mention stop losses, I feel like you would need like 30 plus pip stop losses for this strategy to work withouth you getting wicked out.

  4. Never knew cryptocurrencys could be so challenging! Kept running back to these YouTube videos to learn more about this your video is indeed helpful

  5. HI Nick, I dont know if you've noticed, and I dont think that it matteers so much, but both of your backtests are on GBPAUD.
    If next backtest (and I really do hope you'll do another) it will come up AGBAUD agin, would you mind re-picking pair.

  6. Impressive skills. Do you only only manage one pair when doing this method because of the potential drawdown, and does the U.S. allow you to claim your total losses doing this? Thank you for sharing.??

  7. I actually haven't back tested since that section of the program, I did a few forex pairs, and with the 3 minute crypto strat you showed us I back tested it on crypto pairs after tweaking it a little. I do want to say that back testing is fun, maybe it's the nerd in me. I never won more trades than I loss, but I was always profitable, and that comes down to the risk management. Thanks fam <3 you are amazing!

  8. Hi @Nick Shawn great video. Do you scalp all pairs or only those 5 you randomly choose from?

  9. Do you still trade off the trend?, or just buy and sell between support / resistance levels?

  10. Hey Father Shawn, Do we get those.delicious signals inside your signal group? I love spoon feeding ?

  11. Lovely! Learned a lot from this. Just wondering, do you use stoploss? And do you trade like this for all your trades, kind of hard to micromanage positions like this when you have several open trades on many pairs, is it not? Thanks, really liking your videos. Please keep bringing this content! ???

  12. Trend only creates new highs or it’s bound too range sideways is my encrypting strategy and keeping track of all 200points for scalping pennies and quarters theory for swinging

  13. Dude your hillarious, but great backtesting video. Really great teaching. im bout to do a little backtesting session myself. lol.

  14. Hey! I found you on IG yesterday and have been binging your videos since last night. I'm still learning but I like they way you make everything simple. Anyways, hope you keep sharing things with us.

  15. Have you thought about taking this approach to a funded challenge? I feel like if you could get a 50k or 100k account and just act like it was a 3k. Ping pong profits and try to mitigate L’s by getting out at BE most of the time using a 1 lot. After a month time you’d probably be able to pass given your don’t let any L’s get too big.

  16. I'm enjoying all of your daily video's thanks. I live in Fort Worth snow and very cold. I would love to get a 1on1 with your team. Can't afford the course at the moment. Your style of trading is refreshing. Love your energy especially when you call us little children .I'm old enough to be your granny. lol

  17. Nick, please don't use editing, the raw authentic format never gets old. Don't imitate other tubers please
    Your furry sweaters and goofy thumbnails is the vi e we come back for years now

  18. Great video, learning more from these backtesting sessions than video explaining a strategy.
    Quick question, as someone who trades with prop firms how would I integrate this considering I couldn't trade without a stop loss. Would you place your stop loss a fixed pip amount under your level or simply trade smaller lots to make sure price as time to retest to get out BE?

  19. Nick is different.
    But one question big bro, this was only on 1hr do you go down below or above it? And please I need a backtest on when it keep moving and never return for you get out and switch bias, what do you do?

  20. We want more and longer backtesting content, if you do not mind. Great video. Very beneficial. Thank you.

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