My Untold Adjustments for Intraday Short Straddle

The video will explain My Holy Grail Behind My Trailing Profit #ITJegan #Capitalzone #AlgoTrading 1. What is 9 20 Straddle 2.

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  2. When CE SL hits of Straddle B and you make it short strangle Price of shorted CE would be appropriate 360 and that is of PE would be appropriate 210..
    It would be unbalanced strangle with already 60 point loss of SL of pe of Straddle A plus 50 point loss of CE of Straddle B… So now you are holding an unbalanced strangle with already 110 point loss…
    Not worthy

  3. I normally dont watch closely these type of VDOs. But now started looking these people VDOs. Why? These people create panic in their watchers to bring them to their trainings. How The strategy told by this man is to create panic in you. The 2nd straddle is what makes to feel bad while trying to execute it bcos of huge margin money needed. Instead of this 2nd straddle, ple try 2nd time or first tie itself a call option buy as hedging, you will be doubly protected and will have room only to increase the profits. Any doubt , pls try either using excel or other sampling trade sites , further if you have queries, reply to this I will help you. I challenge only SEBI system, never work in the indirect route to make money. All of us should fight against the SEBI system.

  4. The explaination is flawed. If Straddle B has same strike price as Straddle A, that will never be short strngle. In intraday it will never be short strangle. If it does in positional, then the strangle width is very less and its a high risk (nifty jut 50 points).

  5. one more thing is it is impossible to get both the premium at 250 when ce premium touches 300 again if it is not atm..

  6. it will not workout sir, in first example as you told we haveto sell two lot of ce and one lot pe, if CE hit stop loss then we will loss two lots and one lot already we lost in pe so total 60 percent, Will it will get cover by one put how is it possible..

  7. Did Virtual Trade , First Leg of A successful exited with a profit of Rs1444 , need to test all scenario , Looks nice Strategy

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