1. How is this near zero risk.. risk is losing all of ur investment of 6k.. same as stock.. change ur video heading

  2. Did Robinhood lowered their premiums to stop people from implementing the wheel strategy? Or is it just me??

  3. I make huge profits on my investment since i started trading with Mrs Juana Dirix ,her trading strategies are top notch.

  4. Beginners in the comments this is not for you if you dont have much to invest. You have to put down a high dollar collateral to make those gains.

  5. What if I don’t want to buy snap I just want to hold the options and sell them right when I get a nice capital gain?

  6. Can you do all of these on mobile app? Or it have to be done on desktop only? Thanks in advance also great vids!

  7. So basically make money from having put sells close to the call buys and if it's no good use stop loss on put option. If it's good close put option for gains then buy call option to hit the price after it dips dramatically (you want volatility on this) cause after that it's usually gaining traction to the upside. I understand how they is using the puts premium paid out to use as collateral but I don't know if people are okay with the 6k loss so maybe teach us how to mitigate that to reduce our risk for loss.

  8. Please do more analysis videos like you used to. They were all great. I love options too but if possible throw in some of your DD. Your DD videos are the reason I subscribed, top tier, in my opinion.

  9. How do you exit this trade? By making another dual order or just selling your call individually

  10. Hey man, I wanna surely do the strategies you have given out, wanna try the strategies involving consolidating stock first. I just want to know how to scan for stocks that are going sideways or will most probably go.

  11. This strategy is just unnecessary headache. Just roll your put up or down depending on movement of the stock (for a credit), rather than throw away some of the premium earned from selling the put

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