Nifty & Banknifty Option Selling Strategy | 22nd April Expiry

Nifty & Banknifty Option Selling Strategy, Analysis and Trade Plan for 22nd April Expiry Best Broker In India (Based On Low Brokerage, Easy User Interface) …

17 thoughts on “Nifty & Banknifty Option Selling Strategy | 22nd April Expiry”

  1. Sir i have 100 share of
    bank nifty 22th apr 31200 PE
    at 421 per share
    I am in huge loss today at market closing so i hold it for thus ie expiry
    Is this was my right decision
    Plz help me out in this?

  2. Sir im today 19/04/2021
    Bank nifty buy 700 shers ₹37
    Now loss me hai
    E kab expiry hot here sir

  3. 1st You are too good on explanation.
    2nd I have seen your another video and you are too good at delta hedging then why are too scared of choosing bank nifty premium more than 100?
    Pls discuss the same if you have free time.
    I know you have a busy schedule but perhaps we can share some knowledge.
    Thanks again keep posting video like this…You are helping people to great extend.

  4. hi Manek, i wrote you an email. and sent connection request on LinkedIn.

    Can you please accept the connection request and respond to my email. Thanks

  5. Thank you Manek. ?.. I took bearish callar on yesterday(April month). Range is 13386-15114. If Nifty goes to down, I take more profit

  6. BRO What is the margin for iron condor?
    And is it a beneficial and profitable strategy also how many points of nifty do we need to capture in iron condor to make 1% per week on capital??

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