Nifty October Option trading series – Option selling and adjustme…

Nifty #Putoption #optionsadjustment In this video we will look into how to convert our loss making option into profit by doing some …

7 thoughts on “Nifty October Option trading series – Option selling and adjustme…”

  1. We no need to add 11000ce short as market started reversing and above 10900.
    We can stay with 11200 straddle only

  2. You are making na video on October expiry while the move happened in Sep expiry, you are trying to teach monthly expiry when everyone is trading weekly expiry..???

  3. Please suggest bearish options strategy with theta decay . Which gives maximum profit
    Money not problem for strategy
    Positional not intraday

  4. Very Nice video..
    Please make videos further and make continuation video for this …

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