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తెలుగు ట్రేడర్స్ కు సుస్వాగతం ! Nifty Options Jackpot Strategy | Options Selling Strategy | Options …

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  1. This is how you can plan and execute this strategy with low margin :

    NIFTY DEC 17500 CE (SELL) – 80862.90

    NIFTY DEC 14500 PE (SELL) – 15966.60

    NIFTY SEP 17500 CE (BUY) – 447.50

    NIFTY SEP 13500 PE (BUY) – 655.00

    Required Margin : 97,932.00

    Final Margin : 61,502.55 (as on 23/7/2021)
    Expected Profits : 9000/-

    Exit : whenever you get the satisfied profits (OR) as per your RR.
    this is kind of Rental Income, Tension free about Gap Up or Gap Down.

  2. Dear shyam, can you please suggest the details for getting trained in options trading by way of right training programs.

  3. 5000 to 6000 profit ఎన్ని రోజుల్లో వచ్చే అవకాశం ఉంది. Sir

  4. Don't go for long hold option selling. Daily opening the Market banknifty ce and pe 600rs premiums. So your total premium is 1200. No loss from opening 500 points up or down. Try to exit before 2PM. 90% profit. Similarly Nifty above 200 points Put and Below 200 points call.

  5. Why do you have background music for the video. Is it entertainment channel. Worst

  6. Annaya pls arbitrage gurinchi oka video chey anna a vidhanga and a market lo ayina sare INTRADAY lo use cheyocha pls chepandi.

  7. This strategy was shared by PR Sundar in his webinar and collected 45k. So Dont really know whether you attended that and sharing that here for petty views or someone who attended passed on to you. But definitely this idea is not yours. Appreciate if you can acknowledge your source!

  8. Good presentation.
    If we wait till expiry and the nifty is with in break even why in every day though the nifty is with in break it is showing some loss.unable to understand this concept .please clarify

  9. Liquidity problem rada. Exit ayyetappudu buyers untara.
    Buyers bid price different undundi LTP price Kanna.appudu elaa
    Please clarify this doubt

  10. Hi sir, strategy is good but strategy vinetapudu BGM is volume thaginchandi sir then it's better.

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