Nifty Options Strategy August 2020 | Nifty Hedging Options Strate…

Nifty Options Strategy August 2020 | Nifty Hedging Options Strategy Content in this video is for educational purpose only, please consult your financial adviser …

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  1. bhai appne mast samjhae…. can i call u or u may call me… 7838400657 or what is ur no. please

  2. Great value you video watch.but I don't hindi but I will understand you explain very much clearly mentioned the strategy ,,????????

  3. Looking Great Nifty options strategy, want to see if its work in actual also…..!!! But really Thanks for your lots of efforts to make a such videos to educate the people like us…!!! God Bless sir

  4. Today market opened 100 points up in this case how to apply this strategy.

    Pl clarify whenever you provide strategy on other day nifty don't come on provided levels then how,to apply it and check the targets

  5. What is the best time to enter in this strategy? Should i add all the trades at the same time?

  6. in zerodha if i tried to sell the call margin required is more than 1 lac, can you please explain about the margin calculations

  7. Today make this plan
    My position (time-2:18 pm -20. 7.2020)
    Total 80 point investment
    Buy –11100ce+276.45
    Buy +10700pe+204.30
    Sell(2) 11400ce-147.8=+295.6
    Sell(2) 10300pe-106.4=+212.8
    Buy +9900pe+54
    Total 80 point investment

  8. Thanks for you valuable videos. One question I have sir. Your videos on the basis of Friday closing price but on Monday price will be different so can we execute it. For example for this trade net debit is 85 point Today morning so risk become around 6.5k. so in this scenario can we execute trade.

  9. i have done payment of 599/ with the given link. and forwarded the payment email to given email id. so how i will get the course. please let me know.

  10. Hii sir today morning I applied this nifty strategy but my net debit 93 aaya it's ok or not plz tell

  11. It is good strategy with very minimal loss, but in this month expiry nifty may be b/w 11200 to 10650…??

  12. Thank you brother for knowledge sharing. It's really useful even for those who can't track dsy to day

  13. Sir aek telegram channel banao agar kabhi running market me adjustment ki jarurat pade is liye

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