Nifty Short Strangle Options Strategy & Adjustments

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38 thoughts on “Nifty Short Strangle Options Strategy & Adjustments”

  1. Great videos. This channel is really professional and focused like my favorite cricketer Rahul Dravid.

  2. Very good explanation. But the ask – bid spread is too wide. I tried this formula for march monthly expiry and got short strike prices of 14200pe and 16100 call. If I add 14100 pe and 16200ce, the reward is just Rs379 – expenses. Whereas the loss is 7k+ plus expenses. May be this will work only vix is around 60.

  3. Nice video. One question – can the vix formula be used even for finding range for stock options? Or only for Nifty index options?

  4. First off , you have been making great videos thanks for that. Could you please help explain the vision behind the formula .Thanks in advance

  5. Sir can we get the same formula in excel sheet where we can put spot price and the result will flash.

  6. Dear Ravi can you suggest some options strategies which can be used in all weather market conditions , eg. up, down , mixed atc

  7. Sir excellent explained, thanks very much but when spot price 8800 u r telling to sell 10300 ce & 7300 pe these r less profitable. Can give other example for the month June 2020 & can u explain in Short straddle thanks.

  8. Sir I have two questions:

    1) what should the formula for weekly options??

    2) like we have India VIX for NIFTY , can we apply the same on Bank Nifty or do we have any other volatility index for the same??

  9. In case we sold naked calls and market moved in the opposite direction. And price virtually multiplied due to high IV and kept
    Averaging. Then sold some puts to create a strangle next day. What shud be the strategy to get out of this if already it's in loss despite all averaging n no more capital left.

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