Nifty Straddle Adjustments Part 5 | Contra Straddle | Straddle Ad…

Time Stamp 00:19 Basic of Straddle 00:36 Payoff diagram of straddle 01:36 Adjustment discussion with a example 03:25 What is contra straddle ? 05:30 How …

12 thoughts on “Nifty Straddle Adjustments Part 5 | Contra Straddle | Straddle Ad…”

  1. Sir excellent strategy ,only one doubt ….hedges and sell should be of next expiry or monthly or all our legs should be of same expiry

  2. This is awesome !! You are doing great. Thanks for all your vidoes..would really help if you speak in english

  3. just trying to understand this example better, so it basically means one straddle of 10000 and buy 2 lots each of 9300 PE and 10700 CE?

  4. Sir can u speak in English.. so tat u could have more subscribers.. also this will reach lot of peoples..

  5. Very nice ??? Bhai, baar baar khareed, bech karne se brokerage bahut zyaada nahi hoga kya ?? Profit 20-30 points toh brokerage hi kha zayega??

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