Non-Sense of 9:20 Straddle

This Video is about informing about trading 9:20 straddle in options Trading, is it any good or nonsense, This is to create …

8 thoughts on “Non-Sense of 9:20 Straddle”

  1. Every Sunday I wait for yor video sir.. Big fan
    Very rare person like you exists who share such different knowledge. Thank you

  2. Sahi kaha sir aapne, Ab nai kaam karta ye. Do you recommend any intraday strategy. How to access your premium strategies

  3. Thanks for the breakdown, I also fell into the hype of 9 20 straddle and lost a lot, so now shifted to positional, Now i do mostly your strategies mainly big boy spread and straddle/strangle replaced strategy and recovering losses. Thanks a ton

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