NVDA LIVE TRADE | Creating Cash Flow While Trading Options

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23 thoughts on “NVDA LIVE TRADE | Creating Cash Flow While Trading Options”

  1. I’m new to options, so if you bought 5 contracts for the same strike price but cashed out individually. Do those individual scaling profits count as individual day trades?
    Or does it only count as 1 full trade after all 5 contracts have sold?

  2. What made you choose the 190p as opposed to the 195p? Does it have to do with you thinking it'd run to $191 potentially or do you just go for the next highest vol option otm for the direction you're betting on?

  3. Nice trade. I am curious to know why you took a put position at pre market high? I would think you would look for upside for a break through but I would love to know your thoughts. Does it usually work that way?

  4. Knowing when to scale out and when to add is huge. It's tricky. Adding can easily take you from what would have been losing a percentage of profits to losing all of them, scaling out can also lead you to locking In when otherwise safe or too early and kicking yourself earlier but better safe than sorry and always better profitable. Adding has screwed me more often than not I have found.

  5. Taking profits off the table is smart but it’s easier said than done on less choppy days. Today was a good example. I had 5k in QQQ puts on the first candle at market open. Sold 5 contracts within the first sign of a resistance candle. It ended up immediately and slowly selling off to the end of the day where I still hold those remaining ten purchased at 2.70 per contract now worth 7+ (will have to see at market open but I am guessing they’ll be around 9-10).

  6. Quick question. When you added 2 contracts, I assume you’re always buying/selling the same strike price? Great video.

  7. Honestly love this really much. This is where having bigger accounts helps. On a small account I can only do 1-2 contracts so my take profit is quick and I can’t leave runners.

  8. I should have done this with MSFT puts today. I usually sell a few contracts to at least break even or some profit then hold the rest of the contracts for free. Today I didn't do that because I really thought MSFT was going to miss on earnings. I should have stuck to the script because now they are all out of the money.

  9. That’s a great way of looking at things, bro! I’ve been doing percentages I’m going to start sticking to a dollar amount like you say it’s better risk management. I appreciate the video and everything you do in the discord and on YouTube. I look forward to learning more from you over the years to come. Have a good evening and will talk later in the discord. Thank you!

  10. Perfect trade managed super well. Also the fact that you added to it that is a killer move, add to winner to make the bag, great one!

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