One Most Important Skill Every Trader Should Learn I By Siddharth…

In this Video, Siddharth has explained One Most Important Skill Every Trader Should Learn. If you are a beginner or advanced …

24 thoughts on “One Most Important Skill Every Trader Should Learn I By Siddharth…”

  1. Kuch din pehle Sandeep sir ke session me real guru k bare me discuss ho rhi thi toh mere hisab se jo guru apne se jyada apne followers ke bhalai ke bare me sochta hai wahi real guru hai.. So my motivational guru is Sandeep sir and my financial guru is Siddhath sir.. Love and respect both of you sir ❤❤

  2. Genuine great talk sir,I saw my mistakes of not accepting my mistakes I will try to improve hats off to you sir

  3. Yes sir it's a very truth video to accept our mistakes chahe wo kisi bi field me ho thanks for ur support.

  4. Bhai galtiya hotihe likin use to pahile shikho or fir karo or roj toda toda changi all

  5. Good mixup with relations of life with stock market.
    Great explanation Sir, everybody should spend some time to understand the mistake and turn towards good side/generated the profit from the market.

  6. Yes it is helpful
    If you want to change the outcome, you must change the input.
    Acceptance is the key

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