Option buying without premium (Best way of option trading)

In this video we will teach you:- How to select best sticke for options buying because option buying want premium and we know in …

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  1. Not only that , in OTM options many times , the premium hardly moves even when market moves in your direction.
    So buy deep in the money , and u buy weekly expiries , not monthly expiries because delta and gamma movement in monthly expiry options is much less in case the expiry is greater than one week.
    More closer the option is to expiry , more sensitive will be the option to Greeks.
    On the negative side , as an option buyer theta and lowering of vega will work against you if u are closer to expiry.
    That's why scalping in weekly options with deep itm options is the best as they have large intrinsic values.
    Quick in and quick out before theta and lowering of vega(as opposed to increase of Vega) destroys premium.

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  3. 17000 wale per expiry me v profile aayega , wo nahi samjha me, can you please explaint it with example if possible?

  4. In the money call buy karneke liye bahut zyada pocket se dena parta hyay…aap bol rahe hyay…premium dena nahi hyay? Tab bhi koi guarantee nahi hyay market mein.

  5. Thank youπŸ™πŸ», option buy me kauΓ± si strike select karni hai, ye video se mera doubt clear ho gya. Nice video πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»β€

  6. Thank you bhai
    Informative video
    Please aap put buy konsi strike price pe
    Jyada munafa aayega usaka vidio banavo
    ge to aachchha rahega.me haroj put buy karake kamata hoo .e.g.900 bhav hota hai
    To mai 880 or 860 ka put buy karata hoo.with profite haroj.so
    Please vidio banavo gey to achchha hai.
    Thank you

  7. next month ki call buy krne gaya or uska premium zero dikha raha hai..esa kyu? kya usko buy kr skte hai?

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