Option Net Explorer Review

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6 thoughts on “Option Net Explorer Review”

  1. thanks for the video, it is possible to watch the price from a created option strategie, e.g. iron condor/calendar…. in realtime if ONE connected via TWS or TOS account?
    I mean if is possible to send trades ONE =>TWS than it should do work also reverse (realtime options prices TWS => ONE)…

  2. The trial is 10 gbp for 30 days not 1 (not that it's too much), and also I figured that it only allows the trial to use the last 6 months from the current date to go back to. So it's not useless, but highly limited. Better to buy a 3 month subscription and then backtest the hell out of 10 delta RUT IC's and butterflies, etc. focusing on the most problematic periods on how to adjust / survive without major drawdowns.

  3. Two quick questions:
    1) When setting up the trade, you make an adjustment because you it was "skewed". How so?

    2) A portion of the P/L line (for T) seems to be highlighted at the current price. Why is that?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Thanks for this. I just discovered ONE and was on the fence about investing in it. this has convinced me to give it a try.

    One thing to note, the video ‘blacks out’ from 5:25 to 6:05.

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