Option Selling Strategies | Straddle and Iron Fly

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30 thoughts on “Option Selling Strategies | Straddle and Iron Fly”

  1. manishji will this work in today's scenario ? the catch is the mkt shud remain in a range. if the same straddle had been applied today. and we sell 43500 ce/pe and buy 44000ce and 43000 pe /then the loss is 3k . max profit is 9k. range reduced to 500 instead of 700. will this work ? pls do reply

  2. agar mere act main 60k hey main strangle le lia fir jo adjustment ke time trade excute ho payega kya.

    if we may out frm one call or one put then margin status will change is it possible in low capital act

  3. Option saller ki yah strategies intraday मे भी काम करती है या पुरे week मे जयादा profit किसमे होगा ।

  4. Thnx sir aap sab viewer ko awear kar rahe option selling ke liya kyoki isshe viewers ko samjhme aayega ki option buying sucess ki probability
    Bahut kam hai aapke ishh inishiative se bahut saare viewers apna capital lost karne se bachenge

  5. Can we sell 1 lot of pe and to hedge with it can we buy 2 lot of pe out of thr money.. Usse margin kam lagra hain kaafi… But usse kuch problem toh ni hogi?

  6. Sir zee Stoke Market kee dark side pai bhee ek video bnyo…today 2.30 pm a option buyer suicide frant a train..he is 7 lac loss in 2022..he left family

  7. kindly make a separate video in which you may kindly highlight the comparative advantages/disadvantages of strangle & straddle …This may help us to decide which one to use & when

  8. I love the starting page,where it is beautifully written, "there is everything for need, but not for greed "

  9. Sir at what time at opening is best to apply this streatgy…for example from 9:159:30 market is volatile after that market moves directionally and after 11 market become so boring to trade
    ( side ways ) till 1 or 2 pm…..
    I am option buyer and in learning face and running a loss of around 20k in last 3 months at present trading from 1 lot only due to fear of more loss..!

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