Option Trading Strategies For Monthly Income

Monthly Income Strategies are great if a trader wants to be involved in market but he has other commitments as well. An active …

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  1. Strangle, straddle, Iron Condor are not suitable for newbie retail traders with small capital. M to M loss even if mkt doesn't go to breakeven, is impossible to withstand for most retail.

  2. Sir when is the time to protect strategy?
    Like my this month strategy is short straddle 27May Nifty…
    I entered on 29th april with naked position..
    So my question is that when to do hedging…??
    Another question is it is best to do hedging with the current weekly expire (to get premiums at a cheaper rate as compare to monthly ?)

  3. Bro I am student my age is 20 and I have interested in stock market. But I have one question : I will my capital is 25 lak and I have return 4 % my capital should is possible easily not hard?? Easily or hard ?

  4. Mere pass tere achi strategy hai
    Upper Gaya toh sirf 800 Ka loss or sport price se niche Aaya toh 4000 Ka profit

  5. या तो आप हिन्दी में बोलो या तो अग्रेजी मे बोलो खिचड़ी बना दिया आपने तो ।

  6. Naked shorting now with height margins is a problem. May be can hedge with a Buy option…will save margins and also cover if in case of any reversal. Or alternatively buy future and hedge with put buy.

  7. Mr Manek Agicha, whatever told you in this video is very common today.Iron condor,Credit spread and strangle are common and well known strategies.Besides describe these strategies you should have shared the knowledge about how to deal with increasing volatility.Please share some valuable knowledge about market view.I admire your work but please come out from common things and share some special. Whatever I am telling is only for you because I know you are a wise person in this fild and my expectations are more from the person like you.Thanks.

  8. Sir plz make vdo on stock future buy/sell & hadge with stock option buy/sell…CE/PE….plz……witch strike price choose for buy/sell against future……this vdo also grt like past vdo's very much educational…..GBU brother……

  9. If you take positional trade, how you keep stop loss for naked call / put . Stop loss is valid for the day only which will not cover the gapup / gapdown risk. Do you think, Zerodha ' s gtt stoploss order would be effective in the event of gapup or gapdown ?

  10. ధన్యవాదాలు. ఈ స్ట్రాటజీ పేరు ఐరన్ కాండార్. జాబ్ చేసే వారికి ఇవి బాగా ఉపయోగపడతాయి. నేను ప్రముఖ తెలుగు దినపత్రికలో జిల్లా ఇన్చార్జిగా జాబ్ చేస్తున్నా. నేను డబల్ డయాగ్నల్ క్యాలెండరు స్ట్రాటజీ ఫాలో అవుతున్నా. ప్రతి వారం 1.5% లేదా 2% ప్రాఫిట్ తీసుకుంటాను. నెలలో 5-6% ప్రాఫిట్ తీసుకుంటాను. ఈ ప్రాఫిట్ చాలు నాకు. ఏడాదిలో నా క్యాపిటల్ 60 % పెరిగితే చాలు. ఎక్కువ గ్రీడ్ ఉంటే నష్టపోతాము. మంచి మంచి స్ట్రాటజీలు చెబుతున్నందుకు మీకు మరోసారి ధన్యవాదాలు ???

  11. You looks genuine. I am new to Options.
    Looking to follow you.
    In case, I have doubts. How shall I connect with you?

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