Options Max Pain Calculator – Explained in Hindi By Sourabh Gandh…

Link to Tool: https://www.pivottrading.co.in/beta/tools/create-strategy.php Office Numbers: 9867772820 | 7718824120 …

15 thoughts on “Options Max Pain Calculator – Explained in Hindi By Sourabh Gandh…”

  1. Aliceblue me banknifty ke one lot option sell karne k liye abhi (Latest) kitna margin money ki requirements hogi?

  2. Many many thanks for great topic sir
    May bahot din say wait kar raha tha …
    Sir plz make video about
    Cash secured PUT
    Covered Call
    Short strangle
    And how to calculate fut headging jo app wp pe share kar rahe ho
    Etc ….

  3. nice strategy ,please make this type strategy in stock future also. thanks, JAI HIND JAI BHARAT

  4. Hii Saurabh, can you please explain, logic behind vedl and nifty hedge, and hdfc and banknifty hedge….

  5. Hi Sir.. U Can Add Max Pain Graph to All of ur Stratergies.. I think it would help to better understand stratergies..

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