Options Selling Adjustments No One Will Tell You

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45 thoughts on “Options Selling Adjustments No One Will Tell You”

  1. Don't Post Any Negetive Comments, Its of No Use, No One Is Going To See Your Comments Unless And Until I Approve It.

  2. Sorry bro… what u saying… is still for high networth… for retailers… this is suicide attempt… so please don't recommend this to poor souls

  3. Sir, first trade 1 lot second, 3 lot, next one 10 lots, what if 3rd one also in loss, next should be 40 lots??. What about hedging… what if too much gap up or gap down.. what about margin..

  4. i done lot of research in option trading after saw this video finally i know money power most important to sucess.

  5. Dear sir
    You are trying to fight with the market.
    This is not the right way to trade .

  6. Instead of thinking it from point of view of adjustment i understood that you need to have a good buffer of capital available to you if you plan on doing option selling . The one thing we can do to lower the idle capital is to use a iron condor as that should lower the cost of the per lot option and you can can use higher no of lots in beginning also the strategy is more stable in case market runs away from the range we think it should stay in .

  7. What if,if we follow same startegy but instead of strangle,we can do Iron condor.

    This will reduce the profits,but it will safeguard against huge gap ups and gap downs with lesser margin, as margin requirements are now increased after 1st September 2021.

    What is everyone opinion?

  8. If everything goes well in the first trade itself then Ull end up making profit for single lot and that is not even 1% of total capital. Rest all money will be sitting idol in the account and whats the point for trading!

  9. Verithanam Bro… Eye Opener Video. Learning many things related to Option selling from your Videos. Thank You!!!

  10. Excellent work sir, also please make a video on type of option selling strategies and when to deploy or in which type of market it could be deploy.

  11. Rarely we get to see good videos in English in option selling though the Hindi ones are really informative. Thanks! Keep enriching the investors and amateur traders.

  12. தமிழில் வீடியோ போடவும் தமிழில் வீடியோ போடவும்

  13. Im doing Options trading with small capital, I follow many option traders in youtube but this is first video how the big people doing option trading, like me many retail traders are trading, for them pls share some options strategy with adjustment to make consistent profit…Thanks….

  14. Fastest way to wipe out your capital,
    Your way of betting is called Martingale system of betting in casinos… Please DON'T trade like that brother… Markets can be irrational till the time you go bust

  15. sir plz give yr advice from recovery my lose i sell call sept 30 2lot at premium 102 strike price 16350 lose is 16610. sep 30 call buy 1 lot strike price is 16200 premium is 158 profit is 9940 total lose is 7272

  16. My question is if someone has 15-20 lakhs than why would they put first strangle only for 1.5 lakhs.?

    Does that mean strangle should be done with keeping 10 times money in hand always for adjustment..?

    This looks fine in terms of avoiding losses, but assume the that market did not move much or if you have chosen the strangle wide enough that market stays withing the range, then in that case the tem times money sitting idle in account will be of no use..

    I am open for debate and more clarity /understanding on this. Thank you.

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