Options Strategies Part 3: Long Straddle

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24 thoughts on “Options Strategies Part 3: Long Straddle”

  1. In Long straddle how to minimize if the price within Break even. To use SL. If yes how much percent. Or any minimizing option.

  2. how we can know IV is high for a particular stock …..do we have anything like high or low IV range for each stocks Pls clarify

  3. my question is '' if we use this strategy and market moves in any direction, then the value of either call or put will go in loss. Then how to stop this loss or minimize the loss?"

  4. Hey can you please tell me if we need to take only same Atm strike price for call and put.Or we an take same strike price for call and put but atm,itm,otm?

  5. I have subscribed to your course in sensibul But course in sensibul you are not trying to explain it. It is like just reading something in it. Please Better to explain the courses with more understandable examples will be usefull

  6. How can I implement on currency because I don't find currency options on strategy build up section

  7. Very nice, clear and crisp presentation. Very effective and inspiring too. A wonderful job. It looks this series to come out as an encyclopedia, a reference source, in Options Trading. Please keep up. Go ahead till the end of all the options' basics and essentials. Best wishes. Thanks a lot.

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