Options Strategy | Bear Put Spreads

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18 thoughts on “Options Strategy | Bear Put Spreads”

  1. Wow your explanation seem like directed at someone that already knows this stuff well. Out of all the videos I cant understand your explanations at all. and you speak way too fast.

  2. for the put option that we buy should we sell it before it expires but it’ll be sold automatically on the expiration day?

  3. Hi Can you include a actual example in your videos , this will help the first timers.
    Like buy put with SP $40 and sell put with SP $35 with current date mar 21 and expiry date april 21
    Scenario 1: Mar 25th the stock price now is $32. This mean you have achieved max profit , you excute both puts at same time and take profit
    Scenario 2: Mar 28th stock price is $42. you have lost all the money. You can wait for more days as expiry is still some time away for your stock to go back red or take loss.
    Scenario 3: Apr 15th stock $38. You are in no loss zone, and nearing expiry so take the money and close the puts

    the above example will give a better understanding, as the options trading is as important in both entry and exit.
    I am not sure what i mentioned in scenarios above is correct or not. Please correct wherever i have made a mistake.

  4. Options trading is hard to a newbie like me but ur channel is helpful i do hit the like buttons hard i do need to repeat to watch esp options strategies. Mahalo. From Hawaii….

  5. I really just binge-watched like 5 of your videos, gearing up for the post-holiday trades I cannot wait

  6. You do good work! You should leave your robinhood link in the descriptions so you can get the free stocks when you inspire people to start trading.

  7. is it possible to use stops on options in Robinhood like a standard broker? and if so do you use them?

  8. out of everything on Youtube, I find your uploads by far the most clear and explanatory. Thanks man

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