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35 thoughts on “Options Strategy in Tamil | Long Straddle | Tamil Share”

  1. Dear Muthukumar, Blessings. I'm watching your videos regularly for the past 3 months. I feel comfortable n confident. Thanks a lot. Stay well. Please continue ur public service. Thanks again. SS

  2. Super
    Super video message
    Thank you very much
    Mr Muthu Kumar

  3. Sir. Options la SEBI range fix panrangaley sir. Ex. Inniku BN 37000 la trade aagum bodhu naama normal order ku range 36700 to 37300 kudukuranga. Outside the limit they only allowed for intraday sir. Apdi pannum bodhu namma hold pannalama. Suppose inniku 37000 la trade aagum bodhu 37200 buy panni hold panni vachu, next day BN 36300 ku poiduchunna, andha limit may be 36000 to 36600, andha time la naa hold pannuna options sell panna mudiuma atleast loss book pannitu

  4. Sir long straddle 2ndu pakkamum buy na same time PE and CE buy at the money correct ha?
    sir pls demo any one account

  5. Gud info bro.
    I have One doubt bro.
    Suppose I'm buying nifty ce for next month means how is my profit bro, it will become zero or value will go up.

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