Options trading strategies for monthly income [HINDI].

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8 thoughts on “Options trading strategies for monthly income [HINDI].”

  1. Very gud strategy and nice explanation sir.
    One small doubt want to get clarify with you.
    This naked call short strategy vs Bear call ratio spread , out of these 2 , which one is best strategy for consistant income

  2. Kya hum CE sell Karke position hold Kar skte hai? Kyun' short position toh at the end of the day square off ho jata hai.

  3. Good one?
    One question Sir..In the last week of the month what resistence we shd take as the last weekly and monthly will be same

  4. Sir Pls Reply…
    …QUESTION ::- Nifty/ Bank nifty ke under jo bhi stock hote he .. us stock ke price kam jada hota he uske karan se Nifty/ Bank nifty ka price Kam jada hota he…….PAR…..PLEASE EXPLAN…..Nifty / Banknifty index ka price Option-opent entrrss ke karan kam jada kese hota he…….?
    (( Index ka price kam jada to uske under ke stok ke price chan hone ke karan hota he…. but… Sab esa kiyu bol te he ki.. Option open intress ke karan index ka price kam jada hota he…?))…

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