Options Trading Strategies For Success | 7 Habits

Forming good habits for trading options is key to being successful in the stock market. All traders develop their own strategies and …

5 thoughts on “Options Trading Strategies For Success | 7 Habits”

  1. Thank Scott for your valuable insight, and for helping people to achieve prosperity and success. Awesome is the only word that can describe you and Prosper Trading Academy.

  2. Scott – Have u been reading Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People? I've read this too. Nice comparison!! And Great rules. I try to apply them every day. Thx for being my mentor – SIB!!!

  3. Show us the best trading tools available to retailers, Mr. CEO!

    Like quants, HFT …more quants

    Ours is good but we wanna see more.

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