OptionStrat New Features | Futures, New Flow, Enhanced IV Modelin…

Read more about the latest update here: https://optionstrat.com/blog/futures.

11 thoughts on “OptionStrat New Features | Futures, New Flow, Enhanced IV Modelin…”

  1. Thanks Steve for the walk through, Heath and team for making this possible, in particular the vol adjustment. Next one one my preferred list would be broker integration and less important but nice being able to 'lock' legs would be nice to prevent accidental moves of the strikes whilst entering custom pricing. Maybe we can vote on potential enhancements? Thanks again.

  2. Thanks for the update. Question: will news alerts trigger on a desktop (web based) or mobile app only? Thanks again! Great product.

  3. Hi Steve.. very impressive job… just two questions: is it possible to have a list of all futures involved in the platform ? If Am not wrong I didn't find CC (cocoa futures).
    Moreover … about T-note futures, it would be necessary to digit the price properly as the price on some brokers are fractional and not decimal and anyway the number of decimal digit (2 digit only on OS) it is not sufficient .
    Please let me know your point about my questions
    Thank a lot

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