(Part 1) Options Trading Tips: 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I S…

Options Trading Tips: 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Trading Options (Part 1) Join my Patreon to get access to all my …

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  2. Glad I subscribed. I have been watching a lot of newbie traders who for the most part are ok in their content, but I can tell you speak from experience. I am new at options, currently selling covered call leaps in my dividend growth portfolio. I have rolled a few positions for added income. I reinvest any income back into the company that I sold the leap against. Its kinda like reinvesting the dividends I receive. My accounts total around 490k. I was able to profit around 48k in 23 days from leaps. Now to wait theta decay and roll a few more positions. Thanks fir the videos and giving me both a game plan and confidence to trade leaps.

  3. Randy, If you sell a put option @ $18 against a stock price of $20, at expiration the stock price falls to $15, do you get assigned 100 shares @ $15 per share or do u pay $18 for 100 shares that are worth $15 per share?

  4. Hi great videos as usual. Do you have any videos on follow up action on poor man's covered calls if they move into the money

  5. Something was thinking but never heard anyone talk about Maybe it's because it's a bad idea. If your cost basis is significantly higher than the
    current stock price and you fly a rescue mission and get assigned new shares closer to the current stock price. Can you sell covered calls with just the new shares based off the strike price of those new shares assigned to you? For example: Your cost basis is $14 on all your current shares and you were assigned another 1000 shares at 9.50 and the stock price is currently at 9. .30 There's really no premium at $14. Is it a smart idea to sell a covered call on those 1,000 new shares at 9.50 or $10?

  6. Can you do a wash sales video, how to avoid them, what are they, do you get them, how do you avoid them?

  7. Great video! Quick question – I have been selling weekly cash secured puts recently. I have been averaging a 2-3% return on my portfolio per week, but I know I am taking a little more risk than I should. Do you believe trying to consistently achieve a 1% return on portfolio per week (annualized return of 50ish) is a more realistic goal?

  8. So right about other traders. Turn down the signal-to-noise ratio. Learning ≠ listening to every single thing. BTW baseball batting average is a bad analogy. The teams make money every game and the players get paid every week. ? ?

  9. I sell weekly spreads for premium. One of your examples of slippage just happened to me yesterday! I had 3 put spreads on ADBE, and about 330pm, E*trade liquidated my short leg with a market order. The spread was going to expire worthless. Luckily for me, it flashed on my phone, and I was puzzled for a second. I only had that 4/1 exp position, all others were 4/8! I immediately went in E*Trade and liquidated the long leg at even! In other words, I paid commission on 2 trades that were not meant to be traded, just expired.

  10. Thanks! I like your channel. Any tips for a 25k account? Experienced in complex options strategies.

  11. Great video Randy! I feel like these tips get told time and time again but it never gets old because we always need those reminders!
    Taking losses isnt natural for people mostly because of how we’re conditioned psychologically from an early age. Its just expensive learning lessons. I like to take notes on losses to identify clearly what happened in the trade so it might help me avoid the same mistakes. Sometimes youre just going to lose no matter what, so accept it and prepare yourself for the next move.

  12. This video may the best of many great videos you made. I would have liked it 1000 times if I could. The psychology of trading, getting control over your emotions when putting real trades on can only be understood in real life situations. People that are new to the trade should prepare to face all the situations you have mentioned as there is a 100% chance they will face it. Fear and greed, FOMO, learn to loose, pride and ego, plan your trades and trade your plans etc… So many good advises. Looking fwd to seeing part 2.
    Saving it for later. I want my kids and friends to watch this too.

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