PDD: Magic formula for manifesting money

Music producers discover the magic formula for manifesting money. Find out more about pay checks to profits here: …

20 thoughts on “PDD: Magic formula for manifesting money”

  1. yes , It Is true allah said that what aver you give will re turn to 700 times more , from today I am going to d o that I believe that is is a masge from allah to me and to the hole word , think you .

  2. Thanks man. In regards to giving away, especially information, there is a season for everything sometimes we need to be silent. Remember to never throw your pearls before swine. Be smart and invest, never waste or spend.

  3. Very good idea ????I'll definitely do it, but I'll instead of 10% do 15%, 5% for to help others, 5% investment, & 5% savings or emergency savings. I got to think about that one, is it bet to have an emergency account or savings account? Probably savings, because I'll set the intention to the universe that I won't have emergencies so I won't set up an emergency account. Well, tell me what you think.

  4. In the book I'm reading currently they had a whole chapter about the law of giving. Good stuff man its so true and IT WORKS!

  5. I tried this last week and more money showed up within a few days. Plus it feels damn good to give money to charity every day… i"m hooked

  6. Can i support my family, like my nieces and nephews because i don't have a spiritual community or something like that.

    This sounds like some shit my grandma used to say.

    U woke me up again.

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