Plan your trades with the Long and Short Position Tools

Learn how to use the Long and Short Position Tools on TradingView. These tools are essential for planning your trade out before …

49 thoughts on “Plan your trades with the Long and Short Position Tools”

  1. I'm glad I got into crypto back then because it was a turning point for me financially and was my best decision so far

  2. thanks sir i have question how long position can executed on paper trading , thanks

  3. hi , my long position and short position tools are showing the wrong way [ if i choose long it is showing a short position ] can you help [new to trading] thanks

  4. Any idea how to switch the stop and Target sections? My first box was inserted correctly but my second one has the

  5. You left out the most important info, how to actually place the order from the Long/Short Position Tool panels!

  6. Hi! I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but my long or short trade don't enter the market. How do I activate it? THanks!

  7. SL and TP is the biggest bait of trading history, it just a tool for institutional trades to take advantage from retail traders

  8. Useless video. Doesn't explain anything. What is Account size, Lot size, and Risk, and how are the numbers used for calculating the values appearing on the tool?

  9. Once you set your position say a sell and create your stop loss and take profit . Is that it trade done? Or have to manually set it?


  11. please can someone help me understand this. why isnt my position closing automatically if i get to the end of my long short position without hitting the profit mark and how can i set this up? i want the position to close automatically at the end of the long/short position no matter if i have hit the take profit mark.

  12. How did you move the VPVR to the right side of the chart? I can't find help anywhere on this.

  13. Nice Video – Only thing is I watched it to specifically understand the numbers that show up in the long position, and no explanation of those numbers was provided. Was this video about trying to explain how to make a profitable trade, or was its purpose an explanation of the Long (and Short) Position tool and the information it provides? Seems the purpose of the video should have been the latter. In other words – I'm stuck trying to reverse engineer where the value for Open P&L comes from… And in a BTC trade, Qty is not simply 1, it is some decimal value – not sure how it is calculated.

  14. Does the long position n short position close it's position by itself when it reaches its target?

  15. ⚠??WAAAAIT ! STOP!⛔‼?


    I just want to put an entry level, move the stoploss to the desided place and TELL THAT DAMN PLATFORM that the stoploss distance HAS TO BE 1% risk, no matter what!
    But nooo, we have to deal with :

    -Pips / Ticks
    -Price numbers with 5 decimal places
    -Quantity (Value from the Long/Short position tool)
    -Amount (Value from the Long/Short position tool)
    -Account size (which is shown in the foregin currency you trade instead that of your own money)
    -AND leverage

    This is so confusing! Why hasn't Tradingview figured it out?
    I literaly don't care how much Pips prive moves. I just want to risk 1% per trade on a specific price distance on that damn chart.

  16. I actually thought you were going to show us how to actually execute the trade based on those positions on the short/long tool. What button do we hit in order for these trades to take place?

  17. This is a tool for planning only? It will not make the actual trade as well as stop yeah? It could not be used as a live trailing stop loss?

  18. Could someone please explain when you enter your risk size in percentage or USD are you stating: I want to risk (use) 500 dollars out of my 10000 available account size in this trade? If this is correct, does the tool automatically calculate how many shares you need for your goal? How do I set this up for example: I have an available account balance of 10000 USD, I want to put 500 into this single trade, buying 1 share, 2 to one? Thanks all, I"m almost there.

  19. a lot in trading forex has always been 100000. so how are you to determine the lot size yourself? Or is this meant to be the position size and just completely wrongly formulated?
    Just asking.
    and why can't we choose our own account's currency?

  20. Thanks for the info I think many of us in the comments were looking to see if we can create our order from this tool so we didnt have to manually put values in box. Answer is Yes, Right click on you box and click down to CREATE LIMIT ORDER it will fill in the values… But in the box on the side you will still have to enter position size…leverage ect. Good luck learning yall. You got this! Change your life!

  21. 8:45 Now go look at a few charts and check whether the gaps actually get refilled… hardly ever. Another myth.

  22. how it can use in crypto ? we dont have lot there? maybe use usdt or btcpairs. thanks for reply and your time

  23. Cant believe you missed the most important part. What do you do after doing all this and you decide to take the trade? What figures do I use in my order?

  24. Its honestly too much work for high frequency intraday trading. I can't be bothered. If only TV integrated with more exchanges.

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