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LINK : https://drive.google.com/file/d/19Sk2neICr69XCT57d4lwSYebTKCo0Isx/view?usp=sharing Stock Trading System …

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  1. I know it's very discouraging..Happens with knowledgeable person with good intentions… Chor people are everywhere…my request would be to keep up the good work…it will help us and you also in longer run… happened with Vivek Bajaj also by fake Twitter handles in his name .

    You are sharing quality knowledge in the simplest way…may many thanks always

  2. Bhaiya kab konsa scanner kaam karega ye kaise pata kare, aapne bola intuitively scanner use karna aana chaiye..but kaise please tell

  3. Don't worry about plagiarize. They will eventually lose interest. These things are not that attractive . Here you are talking about slow and steady returns and new age retailers wants jackpot and running after options . Dont worry .keep the good work. Only few creators are genuinely making good content.

  4. You are dishing out quality content … Getting hooked onto your channel .. please continue with the awesome work

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