Positional Delta Method | Straddle Management | Derive Trading

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39 thoughts on “Positional Delta Method | Straddle Management | Derive Trading”

  1. What adjustment is required at day end (3.20 PM) of middle of the week where Delta is near 30? Hope Delta 40 is Applicable to all Indexes and Stocks? Please Clarify.

  2. wht should be the delta value while using sensibull. values are different between opstra and sensibull

  3. Bhai Sahab 40 will be too late + you are shorting itm calls with 60 delta

    Overnight naked alag se carry kia hai

  4. Hi

    Why these greeks are different on different platforms

    Which website or application is reliable for greeks

  5. What will be the Greeks of delta in case of bank nifty ? In nifty 40 delta than what will be in the case of bnf?

  6. What's the limit of delta neutral adjustments? I'm setting max 2x b4 cutting loss making leg. What's ur opinion? Thanks.

  7. If we want to use the same strategy in INTRADAY for Bank Nifty, what could be the delta difference ?? Same 40 ??

  8. MARKET Moves so fast ,do we have time to check all these, wothin 10to15 mts index option moves fast

  9. Nice & ?Subbed, and from nxt videos speak numbers in engilsh so ppl in india all over can understand (non hindi speakers)

  10. There is adjustment system in which new straddle is made when price reaches near upper limit of previous straddle.

    Which one is better, this one which you explained in the video [Delta balance] or the above one which I mentioned [Multiple Straddle creation]

  11. Hello sir, hope you are doing good. The video was great, loved it – amazing strategy.
    One question though, could you please explain the reason behind this specific value of 40. Why not some other. Also it is market volatility dependent ? As, recently VIX has been low, so, how about when VIX is high. Do, we still take 40 ?
    Thanks in advance

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