Practice Options Trading (Live Paper Trading)

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25 thoughts on “Practice Options Trading (Live Paper Trading)”

  1. I love your channel! Do you know why it won’t let me sell a put for $2.90 premium ($290) of AAPL when paper trading with a $1000 account.

  2. Will you make an updated version of this video now that WeBull allows calls/puts options trading for Paper Money? Thanks!

  3. Can buy a call even if the strike price is below the current price shown? If so, how & when do you profit? Give example

  4. To look at the % of profit or loss of a live trade in TOS when papertrading do you always use the app but use the computer application to just look at the charts? This might sound dumb but I am struggling to find a way to see how a live trade is doing on the computer application. I can't look at the chart and see if I am in the green, I need the % to help if that makes any sense. I love your content, I find myself to be a slow learner and your stuff really helps.

  5. is this possible on the webull desk top, i dont see the options tab on top (like i see it on the regular mode, top left next the to chart tab) while in paper trading mode.

    also i dont see it in the add widgets but google says it is possible. do you have any idea how to get this to work i cant seem to find the how to anywhere online even though it says it is possible.

  6. i am living in the caribbean i do not have access to a lot of the trading platforms , how can i paper trade , webull offers paper trading but not for options do you know any platforms for intl viewers that will allow you to paper trade ??

  7. Hey amazing videos.. you’re the best!!!! Questions though, how long do you hold on to your option.. like what’s your stop loss and profit target. Or is it when you feel it’s enough? Again thank for your help

  8. Hey I've been watching your videos, trying to learn and great content by the way. However I'm having difficulty keeping up with how you're trading. is there a "live" video that goes a little slower that explains everything (lol but seriously); what you're looking for and how to identify the right/best strike price to enter. cause you saw some stocks and quickly decided it wasn't the right stock to trade. I'm just a little lost but i really want to get this.

  9. I literally LOLed when she said "Oh this is such a rush" cause FACTS. I love it here on this channel, she's narrating my moods rn. And my options hitting. OKAY. thank youuuuuuuu 💁🏻‍♀️

  10. I love all your videos; but this one is my absolute FAVORITE. Please continue to do more and empower our people to greatness. God Bless!

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