Professional Fibonacci Stock, Futures & Options Trading Cours…

Hi guys, Here is Part 3 of my complete Fibonacci Trading Course Build your own system for FREE: …

40 thoughts on “Professional Fibonacci Stock, Futures & Options Trading Cours…”

  1. Looking forward to the next one. Will probably need to watch these several times to soak in. Thanks

  2. Awesome Video! Thank you so much Rich. You deserve a thumbs up and subscription for your channel

  3. Awesome and methodical approach to fib trading… appreciate you helping others! SUBSCRIBED!!! Also, your discord did not open up the channels – is that only for paid members? God bless!

  4. I’m on third video now after discovering your channel, my mind is blow. Best explained fib on YouTube!

  5. I haven't tried this strategy but after learning it and backtesting it, it shows that it really works and very dependable when combined with other strategies. I can't wait to start playing real money to see how it turns out. Thank Professor. You're a very good teacher.

  6. No trades today as I’m focusing only on fibs. But tomorrow I hope to make some money. Let’s go!!

  7. 1.5 on velocity in this round 2. I want to keep this knowledge through the day I die. thank you father…

  8. Great Part 3. Im charting BTC in my off hours and trying to put these lessons into plan and its going well. Ive really learnt alot and will continue with your videos. Thanks for the good work.

  9. Nobody given up educational content like you Rich, blessed your heart it amazing what you does. Always shaking my head you is different.thx you Fibs for life.

  10. This is wonderfully done! Thank you for taking it slow and being clear and ending with many examples.

  11. This is the fastest Fib lesson I have ever had Rich.. and the only one I have understood.

    What you are doing now is gonna reap dividends in so many ways because of how freely you give !

    Thank you. I am now officially a fan of your logical methodology which has trade variables so clearly defined

  12. Incredible resource Rich … learning and practicing … following your skill will set me free to enjoy our retirement

  13. when will new video (about being more aggressive at limit orders) be released?
    thx for content, its great

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