Professional Futures Trading Course – Part 1 – Introduction

Hi guys, Here is part 1 of my professional trading course Private Swing & Day Trading Room Signup: …

26 thoughts on “Professional Futures Trading Course – Part 1 – Introduction”

  1. Looking forward to the course. Hopefully you still have the drawing for $500. I would start with this course then use it towards trading using your strategy. 👍🏾

  2. been subscribed for a year, been paper trading with you while I learn and practice seeing and identfying trends, in your discord for over a year. pretty simple, need capital to START for real, not just paper trade futures.

  3. Hi Sir, I'm Victor.
    I'm from third world country, been learning forex and future for the past 6 months, all on demo account. Getting money to fund in dollars here is quite hard. If I can win your funding giveaway, it'll be a catalyst to my financial freedom and with that I'll be able to support my family and loved ones.
    Thanks for the opportunity sir

  4. I’ve had spend months watching your videos every day, afternoon, night on my big tv, and my apologies for not being an active commenter. It’s time to round 2 to get more clear what I’ve learned and after proving to myself that it’s possible share it to the world… you deserve this and much more, it’s the minimum I can do to give you back something of the things you’ve given to us!!

  5. Is there a part 2 twitter brought me to this also want to know how to open a margain account interactive brokers didn’t let me

  6. Would you give some insight on trading micro futures in the after hours when the volume decreases? I work during normal trading hours. Or trading on higher time frames so that I can figure the best way to participate. I have an Amp futures account and sporadically have traded

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