Q & A – 1 | Trick to do 3 Lots of Iron Condor in 1 Lot Margin

Q & A on Video ” Trick to do 3 lots in 1 lot margin in Iron Condor Strategy ” In this video I have given answer to 3 most asked …

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  1. 300 Gap vs 100 Gap

    Some People are commenting breakeven is shifted closed or Sold strikes are shifted closed

    I will say if i am shifting 100 gap close , then i am shifting 100 gap far also.

    But something need to be compromise if you want to reduce margin otherwise can pay full margin and work normal.

    Tricks are shared to work smart ( even sold position now also 500 points otm )


    Donot Make Excuse with Not getting profit in hedge strategies

    Brokerage – Fix plan available

    Slippage – Software available to execute at that rate which you decide

    For eg you want butterfly at 5 point debit……so software will execute order when it will see butterfly available in market at 5.

    I.e 3 leg will be executed at same time and net debit will be 5.

    i.e no slippage with software.

  2. Sir as per this strategy I 6th Aug 11000 PE, 10900 PE , 10800 PE and hadge with 300 gap. Now I getting loss in 11000 100 point and 10900 30 point . How do I adjument?

  3. 11800.ce sell 12100 ce buy
    10800pe sell 10500 pe buy
    Breakeven 10702_11892
    Agar koi badi news aagi or koi ek traf level tuta to uska adjustment kya hoga ,agar neeche ki traf 10702 tuta close diya us time kya or 11892 tuta to us samay kya karna chahiye

  4. Sir ji, aap ne batyaa tha 16 delta
    theory..call aur put mai..
    Sir agar delta 16 se nichey hoga vo chalega.. meen's 15 or 14..
    Ya fir excet 16 delta chahiye…

  5. Sir..still can't understand, I checked this with aug monthly exp , there is big change in p&l when we buy protection 300 pts away, compared to 100 pts away..

  6. It clearly effect on our break-even point. We will effect on 10700 which is far otm as compare 10800 . Market will hit 10800 first when market touch your break-even u will start to come in loss. Rest is ok but I think we have to compromise with our otm position. Plz reply if I m wrong

  7. Sirji ???? if it expires inbetween our gap then our protection will be 0 and it will 300 ITM right could you please explain if it expires inbetween gap it will be really helpful!!!!!

  8. Sirjiii we can increase max profit gain if sell little high like 10 15 points and buy little low like 5 10 low by placing order?

  9. Sirjiii ???? great video also any adjustments if it is going wrong fot iron condor!!!! Thanks sirji for great videos!!?

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