Reddit PWNS Wall-Street with GAMESTOP STOCKS

r/Wallstreetbets on Reddit have flipped the financial world on it’s head – Wall Street is freaking out, and it’s because of the …

50 thoughts on “Reddit PWNS Wall-Street with GAMESTOP STOCKS”

  1. I would really like to hear more on this also this just proves the sheer might of reddit we control the stock market now

  2. If you are going to upload something that isn't halo, that's fine. It is not fine to upload it to a channel that literally has HALO in it's name

  3. "We're the Hedge Funds! The voice of the Economy!"

    R/WSB: "And so…you must be SILENCED."

    (Stabs Hedge Funds)

  4. Just want to say I'm glad you posted this and would support you branching out to a more diverse gaming channel.

  5. Imagine if GameStop comes out on top in the end, and they go from just a game retailer to a chain of game retail/game Cafe locations

  6. Why free markets are the best. Also if the big wigs try to close a free market that’s tyranny. Also if I could give this video another like I would, good to see an average guy not be a fool and understand the importance of freedom in America

  7. Trying to broaden your channel and hoping you would get a million views video hit talking about non related halo stuff that's popular the past two days? No buddy… You are stuck in Halo hell. Don't ever try to make a different type of video again 🙂

  8. This is yet another reminder in a sea full of reminders these last few months that the big guy does not care about you. Only what you can do to prop them up. You owe these fuckers nothing. this is a symptom of the cultural civil war, and the people who are fucking fed up with the bullshit of the cultural elite. We will win this war, and we are not pawns in your sick little game. You are the pawns in our game, and we are just about ready to call check.

  9. What should be funny is actually downright fucking scary. The last few months have done nothing but terrify me. First, they shut down parlor. Then, they shut down a world leaders ability to speak on the internet. Then, when people started to resist against this kind of behavior, they threatened to put manned military guns on the streets to "keep the peace". Now when we fight with our wallets they threaten to shut the wallets down. We cannot express ideas without getting shut down. We cannot fuck with their money without getting shut down. we cannot peaceably assemble without them threatening to mow us down with machine guns. Remind me who the fascists were supposed to be, then taking the mirror and fucking laugh at yourself at who they really are.

  10. GameStop: hey billionaire hedge fund guys… I'll buy those $2,000 stocks back from you for $3.75.

  11. There are more average folks than wealthy go ahead shut everything down what's going to stop the millions of people to knock on your door folks that protect you also are average folks.

  12. Hmmmmmmmm ill give a like idk what i think of this.Sometimes hate the thought of money but i believe if you know the game and your taking a bet, a win is a win idgaf who it is you know? Gambling is a toss up between win or lose.

  13. Funny how a game company got caught cheating at a game and they tried to change the rules of the game.

    ITS ALL A GAME. An expensive one.

  14. GMEs financials are actually good and these Hedge fucks tried to fuck them over.
    Hold the line buy the dip!

  15. You know, I wonder how Reggie Fils Aims(former president of Nintendo North American branch, and meme lord) is responding to all of this.

    I believe he signed on to Gamestop to try and save the company.

  16. Basically they are selling stock they don’t own and buying back at a lower price known as short selling. The act of selling causes the price to drop and they have the ability to buy back the number of shares sold at a lower price. If you sell short on number of shares then you are in a negative until you buy the same number of shares to net zero. The point of buying shares is to have a fractional ownership of the business and in this case everyone wants to own the shares to save the business…so I agree.

  17. Politics is nothing more and nothing less than the clever and deceptive art of using lies, euphemisms, emotionalism, fear mongering, and propaganda in order to dupe average people into accepting, and even demanding, the chains of their own enslavement.

  18. Oh no no no, let's not worry and cry now….
    This just happened to the US with this past election. We have been being strong armed for quite some time now…..

  19. Great video bro. Keep it up, I love these types of videos. I’m loving this whole thing it’s hilarious

  20. God for bid if the average Joe gets money and oh my god do they really think they’re the only people who could invest in that stuff even I could do it but now that they’re losing now that it’s wrong fuck them

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