Reddit trader 'Roaring Kitty' explains his GME investment…

The House Committee on Financial Services holds a hearing about the GameStop trading frenzy in late January 2021. For access …

45 thoughts on “Reddit trader 'Roaring Kitty' explains his GME investment…”

  1. Other guy did not though how much it would cost he just wanted to destroy stock and company

  2. Psalm 12:2-6 – Everyone deceives and flatters and lies. There is no sincerity left. But the Lord will not deal gently with people who act like that; he will destroy those proud liars who say, “We will lie to our heart’s content. Our lips are our own; who can stop us? The Lord replies, “I will arise and defend the oppressed, the poor, the needy. I will rescue them as they have longed for me to do.” The Lord’s promise is sure. He speaks no careless word; all he says is purest truth, like silver seven times refined.

  3. Proverbs 10:9 – Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out.

  4. The look of defeat on Mr Plotkins face and sound of his voice like he’s bout to cry .
    Mr Gill you are the man!!!

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  6. The Melvin guy lies on the last question. They are naked shorting the stock. I like the stock. I am Al in

  7. Picture of kitty hanging by !! Perfectly sumerise the situation!! These politicians are courpts af ! We made some money they loosing their minds

  8. Hedge funds rob investors all day long with Naked shorts and they want to scrutinize this guy?? CNBC sucks balls!!!

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  11. Mr. Platkin committed perjury by stating Melvin is not in a naked short selling position with gme. NO CELL NO SELL!!!

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  13. "Were you in a naked position?" Plotkins answered No to the question. If it is uncovered that he was in a naked position and doesn't go to jail, this whole thing is a sham.

  14. Im very glad our man did the right thing, anyways we know now days the truth, now apes are thirsty! hold it brothers its gonna be a slow move this, find your best strategy this is a chess game now

  15. Im just waiting for congress to conduct probing on why and how robinhood retail traders makes money

  16. What exactly is the outcome of all this hearings? Its not like govt's gonna punish the hedge funds or something based on this revelations.

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