Reddit vs. Wall Street: An expert explains the GameStop phenomeno…

Prosper Trading Academy CEO Scott Bauer explains how a group of independent investors used apps like Robinhood to cause a …

10 thoughts on “Reddit vs. Wall Street: An expert explains the GameStop phenomeno…”

  1. What robinhood did at the request of wall street not allowing purchases and only allowing sales is fraud and it is illegal, Janet Yellen was paid 800000 to look the other way to allow wall street fraud to take place, the market manipulators should be in jail, escape the fraud buy Bitcoin

  2. Billionaire hedge funds destroy companies by driving down the stock and then rebuying is at a lower price and pocketing the profit. They are vultures. What Scott didn't tell you is Wall St shut down the trading to screw the little people and protect the billionaires.

  3. Finally normal people getting what they deserve more money instead of those rats trying to keep everything for themselves

  4. Deep state elites are pissed! And they’re trying to stop you. You’re pulling back the curtain on these people…nice work?

  5. "We can remain retarded longer than they can remain solvent" WALLSTREETBETS

  6. The reason Robinhood shut them down was because Robinhood was shorting Game stop also. They locked people out of their accounts and sold their shares at a lose. Some little people got destroyed by this act. Next thing is silver. Silver is worth around 1000 an ounce not 25. Silver has been highly shorted for many years to suppress the price. More silver is traded in one day than is mined in a year.

  7. These hedge funds, aka big banks, were trying to bankrupt game stop to make a ton of money off it. They don't care about the business nor the employees that would be out of work. Banks and Government is the enemy, wish many could see that. They borrow money with no interest and bet against game stop without buying a share. So, share price near zero would make them billions on their bet, while they destroy the little people. The little people came together to stop them from killing a business. Make the hedge fund lose billions instead. We all need to get together to financially blow them up!!

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