Reddit WallStreetBets Banned from Robinhood and Discord for GameS…

As a result of the GameStop (GME), AMC ordeal, Robinhood App and messaging platform Discord has banned reddit forum WallStreetBets. Instead of …

20 thoughts on “Reddit WallStreetBets Banned from Robinhood and Discord for GameS…”

  1. I’m sorry for all the messages about buying Bitcoin under my name. I believe they are from a bot that has hacked the channel. I removed them for now. Sorry for the inconvenience…

  2. End of the world if they retaliated that drastically enough to shut down platforms. Thtd b game over we lose and a fuck you on the side lmao. Gta laugh no other way to think about it…

  3. America was never really the "free society" people claim it to be, if anything this just brings to the forefront of how "not" free it is, if covid didn't already show that. (Or the police-stuff, politics stuff etc. happening)

  4. It's because they are smarter than the big boys. As a rookie I have made money following WSB. Great job! Keep it going!

  5. This is ridiculous. Bring on the revolution. We need to bring these people down. Im son glad there's people out there fighting these criminals. I love it.

  6. Did Robinhood's action remind us some similar scenario back in November 2020 ? Twitter, YouTube , Facebook &Co. started to delete, to ban the people's posts and speeches which they don't like and claimed that is to protect people. Now the same happened again with exact the same schema. Now politicians from every parties came out to condemn robinhood's behaviour , it's not from justice reason, but only because their interests are also compromised by robinhood's manovour. Cheating in presidential election can make the cheater win in the end in USA, so the WSB can not win the GME game in the end just like Trump lost his position in White House. I tell you guys what will play out in the end, Biden administration will come out to bait out the hedge fund basters or just publish some new law to announce the action of WSB guys illegal

  7. If we all could agree to hold it with diamond hands at 420$ and relax, taking bit of profit when far above and buying back in when we slide back below, instead of spiking and thus destroying ourselves from rapid selloffs that would be the best next step!

    We could show we are smart and they are just too full of themselves when they short more and more with a smug grin, betting that we jump off after selloffs start.

    Since they expect us to be animals driven only by our greed for more…

    Instead they forgot that they are the ones that can only think about profits, we can do even better!


  8. Finally the left might realize that censorship of conservatives trickles down. This is propaganda used to silence the people. Left wing or right wing, we need to be united against these elites

  9. Dude, you are talking in your microphone from the wrong direction. You need to speak from the front not the top.

  10. Such unbelievably blatant bullshit from he media. Seriously MILLIONS of posts and NONE OF THEM can be shown?? Absolute insanity god I hate these people

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