Reddit Will Target NIO Stock | NIO Stock Price Prediction 2021

Reddit Will Target NIO Stock | NIO Stock Price Prediction 2021 Chinese electric vehicle maker NIO (NIO) is getting popular on …

21 thoughts on “Reddit Will Target NIO Stock | NIO Stock Price Prediction 2021”

  1. I’ve been saying for a while that Tesla stock took off a year after introducing a sub 50k car for the masses, once Nio does it blue skies will follow.

  2. Not gonna happen. Nio is a good stock but dealing with their government is another issue. As foreigners you don't own anything in nio, you own third party rights, you can be rag pulled at any time with no recourse.

  3. The pumping of stocks on Reddit seems to be slowing down of late. My guess not enough free money to spur stock speculation

  4. I love both Tesla and NIO. Both are EV but have their own business uniqueness. Tesla is the lead but NIO focus a lot on customer satisfaction with all the different sorts of helping customers charge batteries. Their NIO life is unlike all other auto companies you see. As long as hedge funds go sell it, I will go load it.

  5. NIO shouldn’t be far from being $100 a share by this time next year without Reddit considering how fast it is growing. Better to let it grow naturally I think.

  6. NIO is top drawer. A great company with a great future. Please, 'People' stop saying NIO is a 'Baby' Tesla. I love Tesla but NIO is a stand alone winner on its own. It is growing rapidly and spreading around the world with its quality construction, great style, and unique features including their battery swap locations. I think battery swapping will be another reason why many people will choose a NEO over others. Just think how important battery swapping will be for those living in high-rise buildings or without a garage. You don't need a 600 mi range on an EV if you're not driving 600 miles a day. You only needed it when you're on a long trip. And how easy it is to exchange the battery in just three minutes. That's faster than going to a gas station. Keep every share of Tesla and buy as much NIO as you can afford. Then hold both.
    Could I be wrong? Of course, so do your own due diligence.

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