REPLAY – US Stock Market | S&P 500 SPX Short Term Cycle &…

Enjoy a clip from the latest episode of the askSlim Market Week. Write to for all special offers. Hear 47-year …

14 thoughts on “REPLAY – US Stock Market | S&P 500 SPX Short Term Cycle &…”

  1. What is going on with DXY? Why it’s not moving? Is the target price still around $108?

  2. Markets have never in history bottomed while Fed is raising rates. No ones talking about QT or earnings in April either. Retail traders are delusional

  3. Thanks Slim. Would you be so kind as to share your vision of the crypto market? Thank you!.

  4. It seems that the decline in the risk period has started … I wonder if you follow third week option expiration, which this month is quadriple itching, and there is ton of puts of 400 and below and usually this means that the market is hard to fall hard when there is so much puts in the system. Can someone give opinion on this thesis ?

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