RISK FREE Intraday Option Strategy No Stop Loss

RISK FREE Intraday Option Strategy No Stop Loss Here share market advanced option trading course in Hindi: https://stockan.in/ …

27 thoughts on “RISK FREE Intraday Option Strategy No Stop Loss”

  1. boss live mien aap buy ka 20 lots liya and opstra pr 10 lots , aisa kyo ??
    us se to marjin ka huge diff ho jayega

  2. Ismein ATM strikes sell karne ka kya significance hai? Without sell kiye intraday payoff chart toh same hi rehta hai.. .

  3. Iss position mein agr hum 1000 profit book karte hai toh isme zerodha ya upstox kitna brokerage lega

  4. Thank you sir. First i dislike without understanding. It is working for me. What is your suggestion for this strategy on expiry day

  5. After booking profit can we enter again sir and can we make profit if market moves against us.(profit on both sides)

  6. 20 lot + 20 lot + 3 lot + 3 lot. Total 46 lot. 46*40= 1840 brokerage and 1057 profit. Net loss ?

  7. proper word use kiye to samaz me aayega sir…. ispe lena hai yaha par lena hai….. clear ho jao thoda…

  8. Sir good I am confused for one thing in weak everyday have difference price in Wednesday,& Thursday

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